Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sell It To Oprah

I have Arlene Pack to thank for this one. During a phone conversation we were talking about our shared inability to understand the attractions of cocaine, and I recited to her the first sentence of a story I want to write: "Cocaine is the drug of choice of bores of all ages." This led to a broader discussion of the inherent tediousness of all narratives about substance abuse and recovery. Arlene thought I should expand on something I said during this conversation. And overnight the following country song was born. You will only need to imagine the twang in my singing voice:

Sell It to Oprah

You were addicted
You were a fool
You're in recovery
You're such a tool
Don't tell it to me
Don't tell it to me
Just tell it to Oprah

You're on the tube
You're quite a star
Who would have thought
You'd get this far
Don't sell it to me
Don't sell it to me
Just sell it to Oprah...

1 comment:

~CrazyGooGrl~ said...

Ya know Ron...I'm having a hard time "imagining the twang" in your singing voice. Perhaps the next time we're sitting in WF over supper, you'll sing a few bars for me, lol.