Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Prisoner of Kennebunkport

Here is a very brief introduction to "The Prisoner of Kennebunkport," a prospective new work in the form of a first person narrative by Barack W. Bush. If you haven't done so already, you can see a sketch of BWB, along with a short description of how he came to exist in this world, in the February 29th posting of this blog. The premise of the story is that BWB is physically prevented from leaving the Bush family compound by Secret Service agents who, in addition, deny him the ability to communicate via the Internet, although he does have Web access for research and entertainment purposes. His relationships with his mother and stepfather -- Barbara and George H. W. -- are, respectively, loving and cordial. It's his two "presidential" half-sibs who are responsible for his house arrest, knowing, as they do, all of the oh-so-true scurrilous tales he can and will relay about both of them if he's given half a chance. Fortunately, one summer evening BWB manages to surreptitiously sneak an illicit thumb drive he purloined from his stepfather into the pocket of a dinner guest. Rumor has it that this dinner guest was 42, who was up for the weekend visiting his friend 41.

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