Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Latest Twitterings

As some of these postings are sequential and the most recent postings are at the top it might make sense to read these from the bottom up:

Latest Sharkie Mae Update: Allan Greenspan coming out of retirement to became Chairman of the Board of Directors.
1 day ago from web

Stop the Presses: Former Senator Alphonse D'Amato has been appointed CEO of Sharkie Mae. 3 days ago from web

New motto for Vikram Bandit's Citicorpse: "The Citi Never Wakes". 4 days ago from web

Securitized loan shark loans are known on the Street as "Goombah Bonds". 5 days ago from web

Did Hank Paulson really set up Sharkie Mae to buy deadbeat loan shark loans from the Mafia and offload them to Citicorpse to securitize? 7 days ago from web

How about a site for twitterers on coke -- to be called (of course) "tooter". But keeping under 140 characters would be a severe challenge. 9 days ago from web

"Biteniks" -- A derisive term used to describe young, culturally rebellious vampires in the 1950s. 10 days ago from web
What exactly is Rosa Sub Rosa (an entertainer with a shady past) doing with Sammy Data Jr. (her cyborg servant)? 12 days ago from web

The corporate bond market is priced with the expectation that 9/10ths of the shoes in Imelda Marcos's collection are going to drop. 13 days ago

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