Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Back -- Best of Twitter

Lately I've been writing small -- 140 characters or less -- on Twitter. Here are my most recent Twitter postings:

"We need a whole lot more Bo Diddley/And a lot less Ho Chi Minh" -- oops, that was 1968s What's Hot & What's Not
about 1 hour ago from web

Marketing campaign -- STARBUCKS: We've got free bathrooms - albeit not too clean - and bottled water that doesn't totally suck. about 23 hours ago from web

I think it's more the mass psychosis that has consumers deluded into thinking that the vile liquid on sale at Starbucks is actually coffee. about 23 hours ago from web

Or is sociopathology in a society correlated with the number of extant Starbucks locations. As for me, I prefer the coffee at Queequegs. 1 day ago from web

Hillary is now Barack's bitch, not Bill's any longer. 3 days ago from web

Perhaps a felon more audacious than Vikram Bandit can revive Citicorpse? Is it time for W. to pardon Bernie Ebbers or Ken Lay? 4 days ago from web

I've incorporated as the First National Piggy Bank of Clinton Street, and am applying for a TARP bailout. 8 days ago from web

Did Vikram Bandit of Citicorpse lay himself off today? 9 days ago from web

Mike Hookahbee? Mike Hunkabee? Mike Honkiebee? 17 days ago from web

Waiting for the wack-jobs to start coming out of the woodwork.... 18 days ago from web

To try to curry favor with Barack Obama, quisling Senator Joe Lieberman forces his wife to change her first name from Hadassah to Madrassa. 18 days ago from web

Phil G., ya just didn't go far enough -- Earthlings live on a "Planet of Whiners" -- Imagine an annoying sci-fi classic with that title. 18 days ago from web

Memo to Turd Blossom (aka Karl Rove): Sorry, pal. Y'all lost the culture wars for at least the next generation. 20 days ago from web

The Daley brothers, with the Kennedy clan as junior partners, pulled off their coup fair and square. Kudos all around, guys (and gals)!!! 20 days ago from web

If we bracket in parens the two major Chicago park events of 1968 and 2008, what might this tell us about what cultural trends to expect? 20 days ago from web

One of the hidden subtexts of this election is that many people -- and not only young ones -- believe the premise of "Better Os with O". 21 days ago from web

Writing "Frankly, Barney" -- a heartwarming tale about a powerful Congressperson who just happens to be a corrupt gay purple dinosaur. 24 days ago from web

"I was born in Silicon Valley/Went L5 at the age of three/That was when my darling companion/Said that she'd move in with me...." 27 days ago from web

In a movie about Christian vampires, when the vampire slayer holds up a cross the vampire laughs and says: "Was that ever a wrong move." about 1 month ago from web

"Bebe Rebozo was a friend to the rich/He traveled with a bag in every hand/All across the Watergate his name it did resound...."

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